Adoration soap
Plant-based soap with an attractively floral and delicately fruity aroma of seductive violets, adorable roses and colourful ivy. Ylang ylang, manda...

Ange soap
This plant-based soap has a unique aroma based on Eastern varieties of wood. The soap contains bergamot, peach, nectarine, mandarin orange, red fru...

Aquarella soap
This plant-based soap is a unique combination of subtle sandalwood and a delicate musk aroma. You will also discover notes of melon and pear, wonde...

Charm soap
Natural soap with a lively and feminine perfume. It has a charming aroma with a simple elegance, based on gardenia, a sensual and fresh combination...

cloe soap
Cloe is a perfume in which the rose is central, an intimate and sensual scent. It is the perfect combination of floral and powdery notes of peony,...

Donna soap
This plant-based soap is an incredibly sensual combination of bold and sweet aromas. The perfume has an irresistible interplay of spirited white mu...

Five soap
This plant-based soap contains an aromatic and playful combination of jovial jasmine and ylang ylang, vetiver and roses, subtle sandalwood, delicat...

gift box 3 macaron bath bombs
Gift box containing 3 macaron bath bombs with wonderful scents. After a bath, your skin will feel soft and supple thanks to the avocado seed and su...

Heavenly soap
This natural soap has a sensual and fresh aroma of passion flowers and it is both charming and exceptionally refined.

Poppy soap
Plant-based soap with an unexpectedly sensual bouquet of Bulgarian roses and violets, warm vanilla and white musk.

Princess soap
Plant-based soap with a seductive, floral, fresh and nutty aroma for the femme fatale. It also has a high-spirited patchouli scent.