Almond and Jojoba oil


  • Must-have in the bathroom
  • Complete care
  • Suitable for extremely sensitive skin
Almond and jojoba oil is a true all-rounder. You can use this oil for so many things and it’s also gentle on dry or extremely sensitive skin, or baby's skin. This oil alleviates itching, psoriasis and eczema, it is suitable for allergies and has a positive effect on stretch marks. Using this oil leaves the skin fully nourished, protected and nurtured. In fact, there is no need to use any other form of skin care. This oil has a neutral pH, and does not contain perfume, dyes or preservatives.

The tip from

  • Add a blissful aroma to your daily care routine by combining this oil with one of the essential oils.
  • Remove any residues of wax with a little oil.

jojoba oil, sweet almond oil