Very diverse and amazing collection of soaps and gels. I am in love with the Donna collection!
Mahnaz P., 11 oct.'20
Because I work with so much clay, my hands dry out quickly with even deep gaps. Thanks to the Bubbles at Home protective hand cream they already see and feel much better. And a handy tube that you can squeeze completely till empty! Still people with dry hands? This is highly recommended.
FaB Pottery, Belgium, 5 Feb.'20
I have a lot of problems with rash and itchy skin, especially eczema on my belly and in my hair. Upon your advice I use the almond and jojoba oil and the shower cream. The itching is completely gone. I use the White Ylang body butter in the morning and in the evening. Thanks to your products, I was able to cancel my appointment with the dermatologist!
Jeanine T., 23 Feb.'20
Please let me know how much your argan oil Soap is. We visited your store in 2013 and have NEVER been able to get your soap off of our minds! It is wonderful! How much would it cost to ship to Atlanta Georgia?
Bubbles at Home: Wow! Thank you. You will find the shipping info on our home page.
Mikki R, USA, 15 April'19
My 3 year-old daughter has eczema and the Dead Sea mud soap really helps her. Her eczema was gone within 2 days. Fortunately that is over now. Thank you again and I will certainly pass this on to other mothers.
Ms. K., Netherlands, 26 June'19
At the beginning of September I bought your box with anti-acne and Dead Sea mud soap. I am super satisfied with this, my acne is almost gone and the redness is also greatly reduced, my skin feels less oily.
Belgium, 7 Nov.'18
I have fallen in love with the argan oil soap. The woman in the store was more than helpful with what would be best for my sensitive and acne scarred skin. After nearly 3 months my skin has because less spot-prone and has noticeably cleared up my scars from the acne I had as a teen.
Alexander E, England, 14 March'19
About a year ago we purchased a soap with a slight egg smell for our 16 year olds skin (a bit greasy, some blackheads and spots). It has worked really well! Is there any chance you could send some to London?
Bubbles at Home: "Of course!"
Sarah, England, Oct.'12
We purchased some of the Dead Sea Mud soap along with other gifts. Although I am 57 and still had a problem with acne until I started to use this. Miracle cure! After a couple of months just 1 tiny spot left. It also helped a friend who had a persistent allergy. Ordering online was simple and service excellent.
Ann, Facebook, 14 & 17 Jan.'19

Dear Sir or Madam, Hereafter my findings on the conditioner: excellent distribution, perfect and easy rinsing, No irritation or allergic reactions. Hair was visibly less dry and felt soft to the touch. Itchy scalp considerably reduced. Conclusion: even though I used it for a limited time only, I felt a marked improvement.

Dr. Rühs, Germany, Sep.'15

I'm a grateful customer using the Dead Sea salt and Kanuka oil shampoo on a daily basis. I'm very impressed of the results. My dry skulp is getting better and hardly itches anymore after using the shampoo. I can really recommend all these products because I'm using them now for more than 3 months.
Karin, Germany, Sep.'15
By accident, we ended up in your shop in Bruges last year where your shop assistant advised me to give your Dead Sea shampoo a try. I have been using your shampoo for the past year now and no longer need to resort to medicinal products. Marvellous! I couldn’t be more delighted!
Anonymous, Nov ´17
Last year I purchased your soap Dead sea mud soap. Which turned out to be amazing for eczema just as the seller said. I will like to know if your end products or any of the ingredients have been tested on animals.
Bubbles at Home: "Our products are cruelty-free. No animal testing!"
Ambar, Spain, June '15
It is always a pleasure to visit your shop! Using your soap and shower gel has been of a great help to me. I have visited my doctor several times, tried several creams and even had my skin treated by freezing. However, your Dead Sea mud soap and shower gel is the best support that I have found!
Peter & Barbara, England, 7 Dec '17