reusable cotton pads


  • - 100% vegan
  • - All nourishing
  • - Cruelty-free
Single-use cotton pad are so 90s! Washable cotton pads can be reused up to 300 times so they're an essential part of your zero-waste bathroom! They're made from bamboo fibre and will soon become your new bff for deep-cleaning your face or removing make-up.

The tip from

  • - Wash the cotton pads before first use to increase absorption. - Simply pop them in the washing machine at 40-60° let them dry on a rack or in the drying cabinet (on a delicate programme). - Want to extend the life of your cotton pads? Rinse them with warm water before each wash and put them inside a net bag in your washing machine.

Apply water, mild soap or make-up remover to the cotton pad and you're good to go!